Georgina Lara Booth FRSA

is an actress for films, television, commercials & theatre. Georgina has performed in plays, including a leading role in a play to raise awareness for children's rights with Dutch television soap actors. Besides having performed off-screen, she has also performed on-screen ranging from a leading role in an EU television series to a national political campaign commercial amongst others. Besides her acting work, Georgina is known for her humanitarian work. From a very young age, Georgina has been an advocate for the rights of others, particularly the rights of children and young adults, and she has promoted the importance of unity amongst young people. In order to raise money for the young victims and orphans of the 2004 Tsunami disaster, Georgina organized a highly publicised and successful music concert in the Netherlands that attracted thousands of visitors when she was only just 10 years old. Several playgrounds and sports fields were built in Indonesia with the funds raised by Georgina through her benefit concert. Subsequently, Georgina was officially appointed to the prominent position of Humanitarian Youth Ambassador for one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. She was the first and youngest youth ambassador to have been appointed by the governmental officials of the municipality and she played an important role in the promotion of the municipality's youth policy. She also served as the source of inspiration for humanitarian work to all young people of the municipality. Georgina founded her own foundation, 4U&U Foundation, of which she was the president and founding board member. She was 16 years old when she established 4U&U Foundation. Her foundation's goals were encouraging young people to engage in volunteering, promoting world peace through social media and peace-related activities and to organise benefit events in order to raise money for projects involving children from underprivileged backgrounds around the world.

Besides serving her foundation as president, Georgina also held the title of Ambassador of Peace of the national Ministry of Peace in the Netherlands. She was the youngest ever Ambassador of Peace when she established her Embassy of Peace on a regional scale in the Netherlands in 2012. Her Embassy of Peace was central to all world peace and security related activities during Peace Week and the National Day of Peace (a day known as 'World Peace Day' declared by the United Nations) in the district of her embassy. Georgina organized many activities as an Ambassador of Peace, ranging from a Masquerade Peace Ball in the National Museum of Ethnology to a lecture about peace and art with a Dutch Member of Parliament and a highly successful debate with prominent experts (including the former Defense Minister of the Netherlands) and students about peace related topics - particularly about conflicts surrounding raw materials in countries such as Congo, Colombia and Sudan. For her humanitarian work, Georgina has been recognized internationally, nationally and regionally and has received multiple awards for her work, including an Honorary Medal from the Netherlands Public Broadcasting Television Station and the International Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Award. In 2005, Georgina won a nationwide competition to design the new national slogan for Unicef's Kids United in the Netherlands. Her slogan "Van Pool tot Pool, elk kind naar school!" (Dutch for: From Pole to Pole, all children should go to school) was published on posters, flags, magazines, flyers, and other merchandise and was also mentioned on the Kids United TV show. At the age of 17, Georgina was the youngest of the top 5 final lobbyists of 'Holland's Next Top Lobbyist' named by Amnesty International, Oxfam Novib and IKV Pax Christi. At the young age of 20, Georgina was honoured by being elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in London, UK, for achievement and contribution to the arts and society. As a Fellow, she has the honour of carrying the post-nominal title FRSA. Current elected fellows include Stephen Hawking, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Ian McEwan. Past Fellows have included Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Marie Curie and Charles Dickens. For more information about Georgina's acting work or humanitarian work, please see the 'Contact' page.

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